Industrial Engineer

About me

My name is Juan Carlos Romero and I am an Industrial engineer. I am from Jaén (Spain) but nowadays I am living in Madrid (Spain). I am graduated by the University of Jaén in Mechanical Bachelor’s Degree. One of my most important achievements was my final project degree that was patented, you can check it out in the portfolio page. It was awarded with an Accesit by the University of Jaén. After finishing the degree I moved to Madrid in order to continue with my professional education. I am graduated by the University of Carlos III (Madrid) in Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. Now I am working as Industrialization Engineer at Puig. I have been working on important projects for the company that have given me a lot of expertise and knowledge.

Work experience

Projects I have worked on

Tech skills

Mechanical and design skills:

  • Managing of packaging industrialization projects
  • Optimization of processes and continuous improvement (Lean, SMED, 5s, Six Sigma, PDCA, Changeover…).
  • Dimensioning and tolerancing GD&T.
  • Mechanical design, material selection, tolerances, effort calculation…
  • Computer-aide design (CAD) with Solidworks, AutoCad, generative design, surface module, sheet module…
  • 3D printing of prototypes and functional parts (FDM). Knowledge of different type of technologies.

Electronic and programming skills:

  • Iot, machine learning and Big data knowledge.
  • Programming basic electronic devices (Linux, Arduino, Raspberry Pi).
  • Designing of data bases, SQL skills.
  • Excel, macro, dynamic tables.

CAE skills:

  • Finite element analysis with Abaqus and Solidworks, basic models.

My future goals are focusing on getting more knowledge about Industry 4.0, improving my mechanical engineering skills and developing my communicative and leadership skills.

More about me

I am really constant and hardworker. For me is very important to remain up to date with new technologies in order to adapt to a changing world.

Apart from mechanical engineering, I supplement my education with knowledge in Industry 4.0. I get used to working under pressure and I think to work as a team is the key of the success. From my point of view is really important to develop our social and communicative skills to get our targets successfully.

I am able to work in several projects at the same time thanks my capability to have a disciplined organization.


English: I am able to work in english fluently.

Puntuación: 4 de 5.